We design & manufacture ultra high performance audio products for the world’s most critical and discerning music lovers.

Living Voice was established in 1991 and is based in Derbyshire, England.

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    “It no longer really makes sense to talk about the sound itself but rather how absolutely wonderful the music becomes.
    I’ve never had such a completely revelatory and unexpected experience in my home audio life.”

6Moons, OBX-RW 2006 horn-sketch

At the high-end of audio design, art and science merge. The most revered audio designers are no longer strictly concerned with the objective world of measurements and specifications. Instead they explore the world of human expression and human sentiment as captured in the recorded musical performance. This is an exploration guided not by machines and technology, but by tacit knowledge, intuition and musical sensibility.

There is a vast legacy of music captured on recordings dating back to the beginning of the last century. These recordings allow us to see into the times and the minds of the music’s composers and performers with a remarkable sensitivity and clarity. Music conveys the subtlety and fathomless depths of human experience and is one of our most profound and affecting art forms.

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